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Brainztorm Technical Excellence

 With the dawn of this new decade, India has woke up to a new challenge. A challenge to assert itself and cement its position as a global power. The biggest strength of India is its huge pool of talent and skilled labour. The demand for Engineers and technicians has given rise to many Engineering Colleges and a wide gamut of professional courses. The correct choice of career is a very important step in anyone's life. You have made a correct choice only if you values and interests resonate with you skills and personality.

BTE is one of the pioneer institute in the field of career counselling. It has brought together innovative minds from industry and education to guide and foster in the field of education and drive the students towards a better future.

The Examination will give the students a common platform to test their expertise and at the same time it will give them a wide range of colleges to choose from. BTE has collaboration with leading Universities and Colleges all over India.We provide Scholarship to the top rank holders. Other students can also choose any institute of their choice from the list of available participating colleges.