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M. Rizwan Alam

Chief Executive Officer (Brainztorm Technical Excellence Pvt. Ltd.)

would like to extend my greetings to all those who are reading my message. As a contribution to the society BRAINZTORM TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE is trying to convert a dream and an ideal into a reality. The dream is of a resurgent India, which can bring back the glory we enjoyed in the last centuries. It was a country where material, intellectual and spiritual advancement went hand–in-hand. India can have a glorious future once again but only if we find out all that is good in our past and put into practice what we have always believed in. History has taught us that believing in a dream and then employing all your energies and determination into achieving it would lead near to being that human being who is not only mature but also as a person who would surface.

Mr. rajkumar shende


Mr. Rajkumar Shinde is the senior most member of the advisory board of the company. He is an imminent educationist, who has knack for identifying changing educational market demand. The company has benefited a lot from his advice.

Mr. ahmad ali


Mr. Ahmad Ali is a very famous name in the field of educational counseling. He has a long experience in this field. His advice to the company helps very much improve its standard of counseling to the students.

Mr. anand shrivastava


Mr. Anand Srivastav is known for his advice to the company for its all-round development. His multi-faceted personality helps the company going from strength to strength.

Mr. ramesh kumar


Mr. Ramesh Kumar’s advice to the company has proved to be fruitful. He is an asset for the company. His astute business moves have always been very beneficial.

Mr. Devanand Mour


With more than five decades of experience in the social side, his experience means a lot to the company to work in the domain of Education consulting. His vision to remove the financial barrier in education is our key motive and vision, which let us move forward with Great Spirit and enthusiasm.

Mr. mohd. farid alam


Mohd. Farid Alam leads the Company from the front. His direction, instruction and dictation have proved to be invaluable for the company. He heads, directs and guides in such a way that helps the company go up and up.

Mr. avinash kishor

Assistant Director

Mr. Kishore is young, energetic and dynamic personality. With more than 8+Years of Professional Experience with various MNC, He mostly handles the business development and its strategy in Northern India. Apart from being a professional, he engages himself with social work in the rural areas, mostly in the education sector.

Mr. Zaffer Ansari

Strategy Manager

With more than 10+Years of industry experience in various sectors, Mr. Zaffer is master of creating strategy for the unaccounted regions. With their innovative and unique approach for each and every region helps the firm to enjoy success in every parts of the country.

Mr. Arun Kumar

Programme Head

He is basically an Educator by Passion, Recruiter by Profession and an Online marketing Strategist by Nature of Joy. He is “Child by Heart” who is very calm and supportive in nature but give a blast on excuses. He engages himself with new initiatives and marketing strategy at Brainztorm Technical Excellence.

Mrs. shruti shende

Branding Manager

She heads the department successfully. She keeps all departmental members in readiness and gets her instructions executed in time. She has an excellent quality of leadership.

Mrs. Priyanka Kumari

PR Lead

With Bachelor degree in the profession, she handles the PR activity of the firm from last two years. Apart from good networking in the Industry she engages herself in creating the working environment happier and smoother.

Mr. ravi kant sharma

Cheif Operating Officer

Mr. Ravi Kant Sharma is a hard task master. He ensures that everything is done within a deadline. He keeps all the staff of the company in action. He loves sincerity, responsibility and punctuality.

Mr. rajesh shende

Business Development Manager

Mr. Rajesh Shinde is a veteran marketing personnel. His guidance is of immense value to the company. He is a result-oriented man. He believes in business transaction and conversion.

Mr. rajnish tripathi

General Manager

Mr. Rajnish Tripathi oversees over all functioning of the Company. He ensures that everything in the company runs smoothly. He has extra-ordinary ability to manage and ensure all officials function in a perfect way.

Mr. Syed Firoz Ahmad

Business Development Manager


Customer Support (Team Lead)

Sneh Lata handles the customers dexterously. She is a very experienced, trained and expert in dealing with the customers. She talks with them in such a way as they feel it to be a profitable business. She convinces and makes impression on them. She knows better than anyone how to convert leads into business deals.

Mr. Irfan Ali Khan

IT - Support & Maintenance

Mr. Ali is very experienced, professionally trained and technically well-versed IT personnel. As far as IT - Supprt & Maintenance is concerned, he knows all its nuances. He keeps all IT functionalities in order. He is as much versed in programming as in designing. His analytical mind, artistic thinking and shrewd IT moves have proved to be very beneficial for the company.

Mr. Ajit Kumar

IT - Designer

His expertise in the IT-Designing(Graphics/Web Designing). His artistic thinking proved to be very beneficial for the company.

Mr. sanjay priyadarshi

Academic Head

Mr. Sanjay Priyadarshi is an academician of repute. He leads the academic team of the company in a perfect way. He makes no compromise with academic standard.

Mr. arvind rana

Examination Controller

Mr. Arvind Rana ensures that our scholarship examination is conducted in a free and fair way. He also ensures that all examination processes are completed in time. He carries out the task of releasing admit card, allotting examination centre keeping in view the convenience of the students and taking exam on time with perfection.

Mr. amit singh

Scholarship Head

Mr. Amit Singh heads the scholarship team of the company. He makes it sure that no bias has been practiced in the distribution of scholarship among qualified students. He ensures that no deserving student is left out and no underserving one gets the scholarship.

Mr. mohit singh rawat

IT - Technical Head

Mr. Mohit Singh Rawat is all in one. He is programmer, software developer, IT analyst and professional on the basis of his long experience in this field. He heads the IT team of the company successfully.

Mr. subhash anand mishra


Mr. Subhasha Nand Mishra writes and edits with perfection. His simple writing is easily understandable for the readers. The company connects with its clients, customers, students, educational organizations and teachers through his writing well.

Mr. Chandan Kumar

IT - Digital Marketing

Mr. manish kumar

Branding Head

Branding of the company’s product constitutes the most important part of the business activity. Mr. Manish Kumar is an old hand in this field. He provides a good leadership to the branding team.

Mr. akash singh

Marketing Head

As marketing is the backbone of the company, Mr. Akash Singh heads it with astute business moves. He knows all the nitty-gritty of marketing. He has wide reach and connectivity in the market. His marketing skill is incomparable.