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Career guidance is like boon for job seekers

Helping someone in terms of need is good but helping somebody earn a living is perhaps the greatest thing known to man. Each year thousands of children successfully complete their intermediate schooling and come out to be graduates. These young minds are filled with energy and are enthusiastic to achieve success but they lack experience and require proper guidance in order to make this happen. They need to be guided and made aware of their potential and make them determined towards it.

BTE commits itself in making this dream come alive by engaging in its career guidance activities which gives students the direction to make the maximum of their careers. Our scholarship programmes not only give the students the reason to live their dreams but also make sure that they lead into the right spheres to mobilize their energies. We engage the students in a holistic and comprehensive career guidance sessions and make them aware of the current market scenarios in order to open their horizons. The most important amongst these is the talent enrichment which allows the guides to mark all the important aspects of the student`s personality and maps them onto a career motive chart.

Our social uplift initiatives makes sure that the students get the best and the industry even better as these are the raw material that shall be polished and made into masterpieces of the future.

Scholarship helps students realize their dreams

The biggest gift that can be given to a child is education and what better way if he does not have to worry about financing it. The trust in dreams can only be established if the students feel free of the burden of managing resources. However, due to the economic structure of the country it is next to impossible for the government to provide free education to all. Thus, it is the responsibility of the society to step forward and take care of this.

 We, at BTE, believe strongly in this and envision for ourselves an education system which bears the responsibility of educating each and every child. Thus, we introduced the AIEESE and the AIPMST which give the courage to the student to believe in having a brighter future. Our scholarship programme helps a student achieve financial support for their graduation and lets them concentrate on working hard and becoming enlightened individual who would take the country forward and to newer heights.

The scholarships have been designed specifically keeping in mind the needs and expectation of the students of the modern age. The scholarships are awarded to students regardless of their caste, religion, color, community, statehood or gender. What’s even more significant is that it is granted to all those students who cannot afford higher education which also makes an attempt to reduce the economic gap between people and award a common platform to all who wish to learn and excel. The scholarship is awarded under the social responsibility scheme of the company and aims at being transparent in all aspects. An attempt is made to return to the society what we have taken.

Top priority must be given to rural development

Where education goes development follows. Our rural India is a place where education is in deficit and thus financing it is out of question. Our initiatives give the courage and the confidence to students from rural areas to dream big and achieve it. Our efforts have helped in actually changing the face of many rural areas where students who availed the scholarships actually returned and did a lot for their villages and areas.

Rural India has the capacity to change the face of this nation and also contribute to the rapidly changing and growing GDP which is marker of progress. The only hindrance is the lack of initiatives and quality skill guidance and training.

Our scholarship programmes focus specifically on the rural area where the students generally do not wish to go for bigger goals in life as they are afraid of the financial constraints. This hampers the plans of the government which is then unable to deliver at the grass root level. Our initiatives are dedicated at actually making the rural sector self-sustaining by incorporating the skills with quality learning and education, which can be achieved through the medium of AIEESE. This confidence in itself establishes the trust in the individual in the rural sector which in turn re-contributes as they where there is a will, there is a way and opportunity merely needs the hands which can carry it forward. Our focus is to establish advancing and rapidly growing rural development and we partner in the progress of the nation.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

We follow Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in letter and spirit

The most important responsibility of Corporate to society in the present day time is to promote technical education in it . We are doing a tremendous job by taking the technical education to the every nook and corner of the nation. We understand that without promoting technical education, the development in any field is impossible. This is the age of information technology. So, technical education is a must for the society. We grant scholarship to all meritorious and deserving students, especially those who come from economically weak background, to pursue technical, medical and management education on qualifying the scholarship examinations, which are conducted on national level every year.  We are accountable to society in the field of technical, medical and management education. We are also accountable to ourselves, stakeholders and the public.