About Us

Brainztorm is a unique, state of the art organization in the education sector. Our focus is to deliver quality and global education for all aspiring engineers and techno managers through our partner college and faculties from IIT/NIT and IIMs.
We are dedicated to supporting students and educational institutes, and address the needs of academic insertions through rugged, efficient, reliable, economically viable solutions, and programs. Brainztorm with a decade of experience has developed key industry collaboration to ensure the academic courses offered are industry-relevant. These industry-relevant subjects and courses help students to scale success in their career path.
Brainztorm is proud to be associated with success stories of more than 1 lac students in the last 10 years - through partner colleges, scholarship programs, and student connects programs.

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Admission Process managed by Brainztorm

  • Apply for Entrance examination
  • Conduct online Test/examination
  • Result declaration
  • Online counseling
  • Documents verification
  • Seat allotment in the opted Study Center
  • Fee collection

Academic System managed by Brainztorm

Brainztorm will adopt a uniform academic policy for all its Centers in respect of quality of education deploying maximum faculties from IIM/IIT and/or of equivalent status. Students will be taught two syllabi, first Brainztorm’s specially designed job oriented syllabus and second the UGC/AICTE approved syllabus. Smart classes will be organized and a study environment created which will be beyond imagination. Students will be free to choose any of the specified Study Centers with guarantee of getting same standard of education and same facilities.

Job oriented Training provided by Brainztorm

Job oriented Training Programs will be conducted through industry specialist faculties to impart practical knowledge. Students will be taken on industrial visits in big MNCs. Hands on practice and practical training schedules will be organized with case studies. Such exhaustive trainings, according to Industry requirement, will add to the overall personality development of the students and convert them into confident, qualified individuals after coming out of the Center.

Guaranteed Job provided by Brainztorm

We are in contact with hundreds of renowned big companies, MNCs in India and abroad. We, being well aware of their requirements and expectations from freshers, prepare students according to their quality requirements. Our ground level training programs are so refined that the companies do not require giving any further training. This is the reason why companies prefer to employ students coming out of Brainztorm Study Centers.

Courses approved by Govt. of India (AICTE/UGC)

All the Study Centers of Brainztorm and the campus you choose in particular, are all approved by Government of India’s UGC/AICTE. The final year degree/certificate will be awarded by thisUGC/AICTE approved campus of study. Additionally, job oriented training; internship etc. certificates from big companies will also be awarded.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between industry and aspiring engineers, doctors, and managers - meeting the future requirement of the industry and society, with emphasis on developing empathetic leaders with social values and an eye on Global Opportunities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make India a global workforce by providing quality and industry-relevant education to aspiring engineers, doctors, and techno-managers through our partner college and industry collaboration.
We foresee great opportunities in the domain of higher learning and research, particularly in the field of Engineering & Technology, Medicine, and MBA.

Why Us

Quality Education

We ensure the quality of education through the BTE standard course and Global Teaching methodology.


100+ renowned book authors and ex IIT/IIM/NIT professors taking classes pan India through our study centers and partner college.


We believe in quality education for all -and with a decade of experience, along with our partner colleges, we ensure all the courses are affordable.


1200+ industry collaboration to ensure the right career path and job for the students. Our upskilling and training program ensures students are Industry Ready.


(Chief Executive Officer)

I would like to extend my greetings to all those who are reading my message. As a contribution to the society BRAINZTORM TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE is trying to convert a dream and an ideal into a reality. The dream is of a resurgent India, which can bring back the glory we enjoyed in the last centuries. It was a country where material, intellectual and spiritual advancement went hand–in-hand. India can have a glorious future once again but only if we find out all that is good in our past and put into practice what we have always believed in. History has taught us that believing in a dream and then employing all your energies and determination into achieving it would lead near to being that human being who is not only mature but also as a person who would surface.



With more than 10+Years of industry experience in various sectors, Mohd. Farid Alam is master of creating strategy for the unaccounted regions. With their innovative and unique approach for each and every region helps the firm to enjoy success in every parts of the country.


Chief Operating officer

Chief Operating Officer (COO) being the corporate executive, oversees the ongoing business operations within the company, and keeps the CEO apprised of significant events. She creates operational strategies and policies and communicates them to employees. She fosters employee alignment with corporate goals and oversees human resource management. With the advent of digital communications technologies, COO work closely with the business, to flatten the organization and shift in succession planning.


Strategy Manager

Bears strong Project management skills have the ability to multitask, possess Mathematical and statistical knowledge, capable of taking quick decisions, bears excellent interpersonal and communication skills and knowledge of various financial structures. He possesses a fine commercial acumen, collaboration ability, critical lateral thinking, and strong execution skills.


General Manager

Works to improve efficiency, increase profits, and handles the overall operations of the company. He possesses the strong analytical ability, excellent communication skills, and outstanding organizational and leadership qualities. Oversee day-to-day operations, sets policies and processes, and ensure employees work productively and develop professionally.



With more than 20+Years of industry experience in various sectors, Mr. Govind is master of creating strategy for the unaccounted regions. With their innovative and unique approach for each and every region helps the firm to enjoy success in every parts of the country.

Ms. Mishi

HR & Admin

She provides administrative support to the organization and ensures that the organization operates efficiently with proper inventory management, organized company records, roster scheduling, budget and office reporting, invoicing, and customer service. She possesses extraordinary communication, interpersonal relationship, time Management Skills, dependability, reliability, confidentiality, and customer or client service orientation besides managing and distributing information within the office
including answering phones, taking memos and maintaining files, sending and receiving correspondence, as well as greeting clients and customers.


Academic Director

Oversee several aspects of education quality and teaching delivery, mentors both the teaching staff and students, liaise with internal and external stakeholders, plans faculty meetings, orientations, training, and workshops. He plans budget, schedule and resources for college and community-related activities and coordinates with other Academic Department Directors in sharing faculty and other educational and instructional ideas. Develop educational process and policies to meet curriculum goals. Provide training to faculty on the latest instructional technology and technique.

Anand Shankar

Training Officer

Identifies meticulously the staff training and development requirements, plans, organizes, conducts employee surveys and interviews, and implement appropriate schedules to impart training to the employees in consultation with other trainers, managers, and leaders. He tracks compiles the collected data, and conceptualizes training materials based on data and research. He communicates the training needs and online resources to all concerned and liaises with managers from other departments to agree timescales and costs in order to provide total coverage of all appropriate training needs.

Manish Kumar

Placement Officer

Keeps regular communication with graduates and closely tracks all employment activity viz. referrals, interviews, aptitude tests, offers, hires, retention, promotions, benefits, and wage increases.  He examines job descriptions and employment ads to help students complete the hiring process. He is a quick learner with the ability to gain new skills faster. He is an expert in interpersonal and communication skills to find creative solutions for complex issues, with sincerity, hard work and perseverance.