Ans: One can apply for the “Admission with Scholarship”  through online modes. To apply online, please visit the link and follow the guidelines as given therein.

Ans: No, One e-mail id and mobile number can not be used to fill multiple applications of BCEE.

Ans: Go to the link and then click on the Application Procedure. Read the instructions carefully and apply using the link “Appy Now” provided on the Website.

Ans: A candidate will most likely be allotted a Centre in the examination city of his / her first choice. Only in cases where there are too many candidates opting for a certain city as their first choice, the other two choices will be relevant. A candidate is required to fill his / her primary as well as secondary choices but should remember that because of operational constraints, the organization reserves the right to add a new city or remove an existing one and allot a city that may not be any of the choices of a candidate.

Ans: Please login to the Website again and continue the application process.

Pay Examination Fee by Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking.

Ans: When you can get back online, first check the status of your payment on the BCEE-2020 on the website. If the payment was received by BCEE - 2020, you can continue the process of printing the application form. If the payment was not received, you have to start with the payment step again, to complete your application.

Ans: No, after completing all the steps (up to PDF application form generation) in the Online Application process, you can only download the Application Form and cannot modify the data. Hence, you need to be very careful while entering the information. You may also save a partially filled Application Form and login in again at a later point of time to complete and submit the Application Form, however, it must be within the specified deadline.

Ans: You can log in using mobile no. and password and take a printout if you want it for your own reference.

Ans: For PH candidates with any category of disability (viz., blindness or low vision, hearing impairment, locomotors disability and/or cerebral palsy), the benefit will be given to only those who have at least 40% permanent physical impairment with respect to a body part/system/extremity/whole body, etc. A PH candidate, if needed, can take the assistance of a Scribe during the BCEE - 2020 examination. A scribe is a person who can assist the PH candidate by only reading the instructions and the test paper, and also in answering the question if the candidate is not able to do so.

Ans: Please go through the Application Procedure link for exact specifications for the photograph, file. If you create the file as per the specifications, then you should be able to upload the file easily.

Ans: This can happen if your Bank account / Debit / Credit Card was used more than once or you pressed the refresh or back / forward button of your internet browser during the application. Any unaccounted or excess money that was received on behalf of BCEE - 2020 from this account will automatically be returned (credited) to the same Bank account. Similarly, any unaccounted or excess money received from the Debit / Credit Card account will be credited back to the same account.

Ans: This happens because of some failure in internet transactions (including failure of internet connection at your end). As soon as possible, you must initiate a fresh payment process on the website, and make the payment again. The money that was debited (taken out) from your account in the first attempt will be credited (put back) to your Bank account. You will be charged only once. Any excess/unaccounted debits will be returned to you.

Ans: Selection for BCEE Scholarship shall be purely on the basis of performance in the BCEE-2020 examination.

Ans: No, The BCEE-2020 “Admission with Scholarship Application” form has to be filled online and can be downloaded for your future references, No need to send any documents along with the application by post.

Ans: Brainztorm Common Entrance Examination can be contacted via email: Tel: +91-7835033378 From 10:00 am to 07:00 pm on weekdays