Faculties from IIT/NIT/IIM will deliver the same course material and impart same quality of education to all students of Brainztorm Academic Campuses all over India, which they have been teaching over the years in IIT/IIM/NIITs. Additionally eminent personalities from renowned big Companies like their CEOs, Directors etc. from the Industry will be taking lectures to share core practical aspects of the curriculum to strengthen students to face the toughest competition after coming out of the college. The syllabi have been designed after thorough examination of the latest syllabi adopted by renowned universities and colleges around the world and are UGC/AICTE approved.

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Global Education - Overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) /Machine Learning (ML) / Data Science / Internet of things (IOT) are accelerating the integration of information technology into education, providing support or even alternative approaches for practioners in the industry. AI-based education in the future will be driven by the use of data, intensive technology application, integrated innovation, and service optimization. AI-based education is still developing and not yet fully mature. While AI is a hot topic, application of this technology in education industry requires longterm efforts. The initial stage of AI application in education focuses on planning and tentative exploration.Tomorrow’s workplace is complex, challenging, and full of potential. Technology is disrupting existing markets while creating new opportunities and shifting how businesses fundamentally work. Our Global technical and management program doesn’t just build your expertise in foundational analytical and managerial subjects such as data analytics/artificial intelligence/marketing/accounting, it will help you develop the capabilities you need to differentiate yourself and succeed in the future. This exclusive structure designed by the expert from faculties of IIT/IIM/NIT delivers even more impact than a traditional B.Tech/BCA/BBA/MBA and prepares you for the boardrooms of tomorrow’s most successful companies.