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Engineering Scholarship Examination

There is no dearth of employment opportunity for engineers in the country.

The Engineering education is one of the most popular courses among the science (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) students of 10 +2 standard to pursue. To become an engineer is the ultimate aim of every meritorious and deserving science student in his or her life. They have earnest desire and yearning to pursue engineering education in the institutes of their dream. Engineers are virtually creators without them and no industry in any field can be set-up or established or run smoothly. Engineering as profession is also very lucrative, attractive and rewarding. There is also no dearth of employment opportunity for engineers.

The engineers are regarded as the most important members in any society. That is why the desire and glamour of pursuing engineering education among students is always high. But to get admission to any engineering college of repute has always been very tough. And it is getting tougher and tougher year by year.  India has produced lakhs of engineers, who are playing invaluable roles in all types of developmental projects and construction works in the country. 

In recent years, a boom in engineering education has been recorded. A number of engineering institutes have come up very fast. The strength of engineering students is also going up and up. As far as the demand of engineers in India is concerned, it is huge.

A country cannot develop economically without the contribution of engineers. Whether it is Dams, Hydro-Electric Projects, Bridges, Multi-Storied Buildings, Roads, National Highways, Nuclear Thermal Powers, Nuclear Projects, Programming and Developing Softwares in this age of Information Technology or setting up of Industries etc., the role of engineers in their constructions is vital and indispensible. Engineering students can also take inspiration how to prepare themselves for admissions to institute of their choices from M.Visvesvaraya, a brilliant engineer India has ever produced. He has been a role model for all Indian engineering aspirants.

As engineering education demands hard labour on the part of the students to pursue it successfully, it is also expensive to help deserving and meritorious engineering aspirants, we have been organizing scholarship examinations - AIEESE (Primary) and AIEESE (Secondary) - on national level to grant scholarship to them so that they could realize their dream of admission to top engineering institutes and pursue education.  To know about more in detail about our scholarship examinations, please visit www.aieeseprimary.co.in and www.aieesesecondary.co.in

Health Science Scholarship Examination

Nation needs Medical graduates in large numbers.

Medical education in India is not in a good shape. 358 medical colleges are unable to produce as many MBBS graduates as to take care of the health facility for 1.25 billion Indians. There is acute shortage of doctors in the country. Their number is not in proportion to the rising population. There is only one govt. doctor on around 11 thousand Indians. The condition of government hospitals and health Centres is deplorable.

In ancient times, India was considered to be the centre of Medical Education. Two world renowned Physicians – Charak and Sashrut – made great contribution to medical education in India.  Students from distant countries were making their way to Nalanda and Taxila universities to study medicine.  

Now, it is rather a sad state of affairs when the present 398 medical colleges in India fail to provide the much needed healthcare for its 1.2 billion strong populations. There is huge gap between doctors and patients in terms of number.

Medical education is also very expensive in the country and Medical profession is no longer considered as the service to humanity. Most of the doctors only indulge in fleecing money in many ways from the patients. There are very few among them who treat their profession as the service to humanity. The brilliant ones among the medical community prefer to start private practice. They avoid joining government concerns because of low salary and less facility. In the prevailing situation, the commoners remain deprived of availing up to the mark medical treatment by the brilliant private doctors. Their consultation fees are very high, which the common people cannot afford.

 As medical education requires huge expense, the parents mortgage all their wealth for the medical education of their wards. So, when these medical students pass out from the colleges, their main aim is to earn as much as they could do. Most of the govt. doctors are no better than quacks. The biggest deficiency in our medical education is that the students are given more knowledge and less practical training. That is why our doctors are not rated as the best ones. Practical knowledge of the science subject. Especially Biology is a must in schools and colleges. Without the proper practical training in schools and colleges to the science students, no theoretical knowledge will be of much use for the medical students.

Proper attention towards public healthcare and medical education has not been paid in the country.  There is huge gap between rising population and the number of medical graduates produced by the colleges in India. There is also acute shortage of good doctors in government concerns because of the low salary being paid to them. As huge expense is required on the medical education, most of the medical practitioners’ main aims remain only earning money.   

Medical profession is most attractive, well-paid and lucrative. The craving for pursuing medical (Health and Science) education is very high among the students of 10+2. They appear at various medical entrance tests to get admission to any medical college. As medical education is difficult and it requires  a lot of labour, there is also the need of  attention and concentration on the part of the medical aspirants to clear the entrance test examination.  To promote medical education and encourage students to pursue it, we have been conducting medical scholarship examinations – AIPMST (Primary) and AIPMST (Secondary) - at national level since 2012. To know in detail about the process of these two medical scholarship examinations, please visit www.aipmstprimary.co.in and www.aipmstsecondary.co.in.

Management Scholarship Examination

The demand of management graduates in the country is increasing day by day.

With the opening up of economy very fast, the demand of management graduates in the country has increased. As there is no dearth of talented, deserving and meritorious students, Brainztorm Technical excellence Pvt. Ltd., working in the field of education and IT, is going to provide them opportunity to appear at scholarship examinations - Management Scholarship Aptitude Test MSAT (Primary) for admission to the management institutes of their choices along with scholarship and MSAT (Secondary) for only scholarship to pursue education in IIM. These two management scholarship examinations are going to be conducted by BTE from the session 2018-19.

All those students who qualify MSAT (Primary) would get admission to the choicest management college along with scholarship while Management aspirants will get only scholarship to pursue education in IIM on qualifying MSAT (Secondary). Their admission to IIM will be on their own after clearing the entrance examination meant for it. They are going to be a boon for brilliant and deserving students. To ensure that no deserving and meritorious students be deprived of pursuing their cherished education in management in reputed and prestigious management colleges due to economic constraint, we are going to organize and conduct MSAT (Primary) for the first time. With mounting pressure on us from among the deserving students to start a scholarship examination for them to pursue Management education in leading colleges of the country, we are going to organize it.

We have realized, keeping in mind the rising cost of Management education ranging in between Rs. 5 to 10 lakh in moderate to top colleges in India, the need for organizing scholarship examination like MSAT to help the deserving and meritorious students get their cherished dream of pursuing the Management career fulfilled.

With economic liberalization and opening up of market in place, the door to a number of opportunities for Management Graduates opened in all economic related sectors. As economy governs and controls all sectors, the demand for Management Graduate in the job market is bound to rise day by day.

Besides financial help, MSAT (Primary) also inspires and encourages students for admission in Management colleges. It is financially helpful for meritorious and deserving students. It also inspires them to be self-confident to pursue management education in top grade colleges in India. It is our earnest desire and effort to instill leadership quality, confidence in students to make them self-employed and focused.

MSAT (Secondary) is organized and conducted to minimize the financial burden of meritorious and deserving students in pursuing management education in top colleges/universities. Keeping in view the rising cost of management education and mounting pressure from the meritorious students, Brainztorm Technological Excellence Pvt. Ltd. has decided to start and conduct MSAT (Secondary). It is most likely that it would prove to be very fruitful to especially those meritorious and deserving students who are coming from financially weaker section of society. We conduct examination and grant scholarship to deserving students only. MSAT (Primary) and MSAT (Secondary) would be merit-based examinations. We conduct these two management scholarship examinations responsibly and sincerely. The examination conducted by us is very fair and strict. The standard of examination would be up to the mark.