Brainztorm has brought together innovative minds from industry, engineering, medical and management education to guide and foster fresh brains in these fields and drive them towards a glorious future.

  • Eminent professors from IIT/IIM/NIIT are invited to take lectures and teach the same books which are taught in these renowned institutes.
  • Personalities from the industry, visits the Brainztorm campuses and deliver their experience to impart practical knowledge to the students.
  • We are providing our expertise in various services and timely manage the academic year, affiliation, certification, events, educational seminar to improve overall academics of its campuses.
  • The students are handpicked by the experienced faculty along with a professional from the industry.
  • This ensures that the students perform remarkably well in academics during their course tenure and later go on to achieve great success professionally.
  • The Institute encourages diversity greatly and the student’s profile is highly diverse in terms of gender, academic qualifications, and work experience.